Roman Müller

From the artist’s bio:

Roman Müller is a newcomer Producer / Dj / Artist from Austria. He started to produce Music early 2015. He quickly earned massive feedback on his first productions.

Roman Müller´s first release was in April 2015 followed by further releases. Keep your eyes and ears open, because you will be seeing a lot of him in the future!

Our take:

We first found Roman when his collaboration with Foulds, “What It Is“, popped up on Youtube on The Vibe Guide. The song was so damn good that we immediately looked for older songs from the same artists. That was when we came across Roman’s track “The Things You Do” (featuring Parula). It blew our minds that a song of this quality only had around 500 hits. That is, frankly, bullshit. The song deserves 500 MILLION listens.

We’re happy to pimp Roman Müller as our featured artist for the week of May 13th, 2019. Here’s hoping he makes it to #1 on Billboard someday, he deserves it.

Our favourite video:

Songs in high rotation:

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