Adon Slider

Bio from Spotify:

Melodies are heard, being played, being echoed somewhere deep in the swiss Mountains. A young classical trained sheperd trying to bring some beautiful melodies into these repetitive pop world. Influenced by Beethoven, Mozart or Bach, his music that is filled with emotions and beautiful piano melodies, is going straight to the heart.

Our take:

We fell in love with “About Life” the instant we heard it and slammed it straight into high rotation where it will forever stay. The piano melodies are haunting and our only complaint is that we wish they stood out more because they’re that good.

Adon seems to be a very private artist who lets his or her music speak for itself, and that’s okay. The one intriguing thing we did find was Adon’s official Instagram feed. He or she is — like Mr. Squirrel — either a photographer or at the very least a photography lover. It’s always nice to discover that one has things in common with the artist one loves.

Favourite video:

Songs in high rotation:

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