Jack Mazzoni


From his site:

With over 100 million views on YouTube and 10 million streams on Spotify Jack is one of the most loved and followed dance artists in Europe. He has remixed for renowned artists such as Sean Paul, Sak Noel, Juan Magan, Alexandra Stan, Inna, Daddy Yankee and Dj Antonie (just to name a few). Jack also established himself as an artist in his own right with the hit “Booma Yee” and its much requested bootlegs and remixes.

Our take:

We have to talk about that hair. Any man who can rock a hairdo like that is surely a god. Mazzoni is also a top flight remixer, he’s so good that we’re surprised he’s not better known in North America because, frankly, his skills are right up there with Avicii. A Mazzoni remix comes with its own trademark sound and the best of them is his remix of Zombie, released in December of 2018.

Mazzoni is still DJing and remixing, but he’s also releasing his own work. “Booma Yee“, his collaboration with Geo De Silva, quickly charted in Europe. A more recent release, “The Fight” is even better in our opinion, but just didn’t get the recognition it should have. It’s a hella good song.

We’re proud to feature Jack Mazzoni on The Squirrel this week and we hope he becomes as loved in North America as he is in Europe. The man does good work.

Favourite video:

Songs in high rotation:

We’re sorry for posting the featured artist late this week. Mr. Squirrel started the week with a pulmonary embolism and has been recovering ever since.

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