What the Actual Hell?


Holy transgendered sh!#balls, what kind of f#$%ing bizarre crap am I listening to? That would be Squirrel FM, an unapologetically, politically incorrect, Net only station broadcasting to the world from the small town of Barrhead, Alberta, Canada. We’re a commercial free, fully-licensed, Canadian online microcaster run as a hobbyist endeavor. The Squirrel brings you the newest pop music before it breaks, the latest remixes of classic songs, some old skool dance and electro, and we pepper it all with irreverant and profanely inappropriate sprinklings of pop culture.

Netcasters without a terrestrial transmitter are exempt from community broadcasting standards in our country and we’ve driven a truck loaded with hookers through that loophole. We don’t filter our song library for language in the traditional sense. When we do police for language it’s because we’re deleting the clean version of a song for the one with saucy lyrics. Politically incorrect TV and movie clips that will make the blood of the socially progressive boil? Check! F-bombs effing everywhere? Hells yes! We’re always looking for new ways to put the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunction’.

Needless to say, SQFM is intended for adults only. Small children and social justice warriors (same thing, really) should find something else to listen to as you’re not welcome here. For those who like their new pop music so fresh it’s still steaming, electronic, remixed, and more than a bit salacious, welcome home. Just don’t touch our nuts without asking first.

Now bite that pillow, here comes the music.