Wouldn’t You Like to Know!


You were dumb enough to DM us on Twitter and ask questions, so here are the answers to what people really REALLY want to know about The Squirrel…

Q: Are you a pirate station?

A: Actually, no. We pay for licenses from SOCAN, Re:Sound, and CONNECT Music, making sure we adhere to reporting requirements for online microcasters. Further to this, we legally purchase the music for our library. We admit to being completely bonkers, but we’re not liars or thieves. Artists deserve to get paid for their work.

Q: Where do we find you on the FM dial?

A: You can’t, we don’t own a transmitter nor are we licensed to transmit on the radio spectrum. Squirrel FM lives and breathes on The Net only. We bought a .FM domain name because we liked the sound of it, and we admit we enjoy the confusion calling ourselves Squirrel FM causes. (FM actually stands for Furry Mammal. Get it?)

Q: Why are you called The Squirrel / Squirrel FM?

A: We’re, uh, easily distracted. And we have a thing for nuts. Yeah.

Q: Can I get a Squrrel FM bumper sticker?

A: Not yet. We’re a hobbyist operation without any income or a promotional budget as a result. We’re looking into ways to offer swag and hope to be able to announce something by fall of 2019. We’ll be focusing on extremely rude and inappropriate t-shirts first.

Q: Why can’t you run a clean station that is family friendly?

A: Because the majority of stations already do this, especially those with a transmitter running on licensed spectrum. We have the freedom to have some fun, so we are. It also turns out that people like it judging by our growing stats.

We enjoy and recommend all the stations listed at the bottom left of each page on our site. Your kid/teen/mother can listen to one of them without too much damage to their morals, so have at ‘er.

Q: Are my tax dollars paying for this FILTH?!?

A: Nyet, tovarisch. Not a single one of your tax dollars was harmed in the creation of this online station, it’s entirely covered out of Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel’s personal funds. Mr. Squirrel thanks his fellow Canadians for subsidizing his implanted cardiac pacemakers, however.

Q: Can I purchase advertising on your station?

A: Not now, not ever. Paid advertising wrecks the flow of music and that will not stand. Thanks for your interest, but, no.

Q: Will you play my new single?

A: Only if it fits our format (new pop, electronic dance music, house, hands-up, and bounce) and only if we really like it. We try to avoid instrumental music unless it is exceptionally good.

Shoot us an email at squirrelfmradio@gmail.com with a high quality copy of your song attached (minimum 192 Kbps encoding) and we’ll definitely give it a listen! We love supporting the little artists that no one else has heard of, so we read every email and listen to every song sent our way. It’s important.

Q: What automation software are you using?

A: Our main automation suite is RadioDJ, which is free and wonderful. It runs on Windows 10 Professional, which would be great if Microsoft wasn’t sneaking in an update every time we bend over to pick up the soap in the shower. Eventual plans are to migrate to Rivendell for our automation, which runs on Linux because we’re getting really phobic about picking up that darn bar of soap.

Q: Do you offer lower bitrate streams?

A: Yes, we’ve had enough requests that we’ve started doing this. Please check out our Mobile Player page, the embedded HTML5 players there will all work on your smart device of choice. You have your choice of 32 Kbps and 64 Kbps AAC+ encoded stereo audio now. The lowest quality is still quite good and only uses about 15 MB/hour of data. Or regular stream sucks back 115 MB/hour, which is hard on a data plan. Apologies for that.

Q: Do you really play with your nuts all the time?

A: Sure do, but only because other people get upset when we start playing with theirs. Are you offering?

Q: Who are the people behind Squirrel FM?

A: Mr. & Mrs. Squirrel. Mr. Squirrel is a former I.T. professional who is now in his fifties and sells insurance while Mrs. Squirrel is an educator. Mr. Squirrel picks the music and is the one with the potty mouth, so blame everything on him. Sorry, but that’s all you get as we value our privacy.

Last updated June 8, 2019 at 10:48 am.